Bene Mudra Wellness

The Laws Of Bene Mudra


we are kind to each other

We are an all-inclusive community

We honer where each person is spiritually 

We always aim for the highest good

we never push our beliefs or agenda on others

we are your best friend

we are hygienic 

we are not afraid of tough love

we will push beyond all fears & limitations 

We will always show up

we do not allow spiritual bypassing

we pay our debts

we have a charitable heart

We care about our own well-being

we walk the walk

we do not tolerate the judgments of others

we respect mother nature 

We have the right to draw boundaries

we are heart-centered in business

we are accountable for our actions

We Believe

in a one world god

we are all one

in alternative medicine

 in body mind and spirit connection

 angels are real 

 our mind creates our experiences

 in manifestation