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Private And Group Meditation

Hate to meditate? We offer individually crafted private

instruction as well as small in-home or group sessions with

qualified instructors! 

We also provide business' with meditation classes for employees and amenity building resident classes

Private Meditation Services

Free Guided Morning 

chill into the day with this 10 minute morning meditation using beats and affirmations to connect to your sacred self

Discover the transformative power of guided meditation with James, a master instructor dedicated to your deep healing and relaxation journey. Imagine sinking into a realm where stress and anxiety dissolve, replaced by a profound sense of peace and balance.


In James's tailored sessions, you'll embark on a personalized odyssey of self-discovery and renewal. Whether you seek emotional release, physical rejuvenation, or mental clarity, James will craft 3 or 5 unique meditations designed to meet your specific needs. Guiding you with expertise and compassion, James will lead you through each session, unlocking the potential for profound healing and growth. Through the art of letting go, you'll effortlessly flow into a state of profound tranquility, where the body's wisdom reigns supreme. Relax, restore and find clarity, peace and balance within!


James's approach extends beyond meditation alone. Harnessing the power of affirmations, self-help tools, and the ancient energy of Reiki, each session becomes a holistic journey toward holistic well-being. With James's intuitive guidance, you'll explore a diverse array of modalities tailored to your unique path.

Choose your package below and purchase! We will then be in touch to schedule your call! Sessions will be once a week scheduled in advance via zoom and recorded so that you can relisten whenever you wish! 


Package of 3 Sessions


Package of 5 Sessions

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