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     This is a prime opportunity for you to begin the process of self-realization by opening up and discussing any individual conflicts  which may be affecting you in a non-beneficial and harmful way.  Having a one on one session with a spiritual mentor/counselor will help shift your  thoughts away from negative thinking, old habits, emotionally instability, grief and whatever else is affecting your over-all balance. Unlike traditional therapy, we use spiritually based interventions derived from metaphysics, new thought, positive psychology and energy medicine.. Although not a substitute for traditional psychotherapy or psychiatry, we believe seeking spiritual healing, at its core, has proven to be a life changing journey for many. Remember, every problem is a spiritual problem as we are spiritual beings having a very human experience here on earth. 


 These sessions can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype. James and his staff have helped many people through transitional periods in their lives by teaching them to strengthen their spiritual self, which is the gateway to self-love, a deeper sense of truth and a more joyful life!


Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring or traditional Therapy is wonderful for those experiencing or seeking guidance with the following:


Coping with depression

Treating anxiety

Navigating though transitions

Overcoming fear

Healing relationship issues

Finding forgiveness 


Connecting to your higher-purpose

How to live more consciously 

Life or soul path guidance 


Spiritual guidance for healers and empaths

Connecting to your true talents

Increasing income

Building spiritual foundations

Mindfulness skills

Coping with illness

Meditation skills

Removing creative blocks

Negative thinking patterns

Suffering with trauma

Entertainment Industry (Artists)

Skill building

Our Rockstars

James Bene, RM

Spiritual Mentoring/Counceling

James is an intuitive reiki master, teacher and mentor. With over 15 years of  experience in this field, he has helped many clients find peace, balance and self-love through spiritual advisement and council and consultation.


Thomas Dunleavy, lcsw

Transitional Coaching/Therapy

Thomas is a motivating force! He is a seasoned life coach, affirmative thought specialist and a Licensed clinical social worker. He encourages self healing though cognitive re-alignment, changing behaviors and

mindfulness techniques.

Image by Mattia Faloretti


1 single session 

This option is for those needing a quick one off session. 



Image by wilsan u


6 1 hour sessions

This option is for 3 sessions to be completed in within 1 months time.



Peaceful Buddha’s remind me to chill out

warrior one

3 1 hour sessions

This option is for 3 sessions with the coach/mentor of your choice!




Soul Warrior

10 1 hour sessions & follow up emails