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Intuitive Psychic Medium

Meet James, a distinguished spiritual teacher, life-coach, and natural born psychic medium hailing from the vibrant city of New York. With an impressive track record spanning over 18 years, James brings a wealth of expertise in guiding individuals through the realms of metaphysics, self-improvement, energetics, and psychic development.


Embarking on a journey with James means experiencing personalized one-on-one intuitive sessions, where he seamlessly blends his psychic talents and mentoring to nurture your spiritual growth. Beyond individual sessions, James takes the lead in empowering groups through transformative workshops, curating enriching experiences, and leading international wellness and yoga retreats.


James Bene uses his natural born intuitive skills in order to gain clarity and insight into your life. His abilities include clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling light beings, mediumship, tarot and numerology. James is a a highly valued and responsible intuitive with over 18 years experience helping clients around the globe and  from all walks of life! Delve into your life purpose, career, love or allow whatever is meant for you to come through.

60 minutes: $195.00

90 Minutes: $285.00

Past Life Reading 

James has a beautiful connection with the golden strand..the fabric of light that holds all of your past/parallel lives together.  The gift of insight into past lives has been one he most enjoys. James will channel your past lives with the help of his guides in order to provide you with deep healing, knowledge and whatever insights spirit wishes you to know. James has a knack for voicing spirit in a way that is relatable, comforting and encouraging to the soul. 


75 minutes: $215.00

Mediumship & Channeling 

James will channel spirit and use his psychic abilities to bring you messages that correspond to your past present and future. His intuition often brings about balance and calm within transition, trauma, old wounds and the grief of past loved ones. James channels from his heart and his sessions may be very healing in nature. He connects to guides, angelic beings, past loved ones and to his own natural intuitive abilities in order to receive his guidance. 

For mediumship we need over an hour in order to fully experience those that have crossed over and to process any grief that may come up as a result of your session. These sessions are 75 minutes.

75 minutes: $285.00

Private Group Readings/Events

James' experience with group readings is vast! He started his popular "Psychic Message Circle" in NYC with two other acclaimed mediums in 2005 and to this day it is still in LA! James is available for a private group message circle! Limited to 2 hours with a maximum of 10 guaranteed readings. For a larger party or event, a 3 hour booking is required with an unlimited amount of readings offered within that time.

Private Group: $550.00

Party/Event: $750.00 

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Psychic Development 


A Course In Intuition

You Are Intuitive! Psychic Development Los Angeles & Virtual

Psychic development begins with the understanding that we all posses the ability to feel beyond what is consciously known through opening and connecting to our extra sensory perception or.. sixth sense. Just like building muscles at the gym, the more we train, and flex our intuitive muscles, the stronger and more reliable they will become. The natural, or material world, is not what it seems. We are living in a constant state of illusion, believing only what we are fed and can see or touch. What lies beyond this 1 percent world is the 99 percent or the supernatural, non-physical plane. It is here, in this mystical place, where our intuition is born. It is here where truth and wisdom resides, where the divine light resinates connecting us to god and the secrets of the universe. This is our true home and illusion can not exist here.


To be psychic is the ability to know something to be true transcending conscious reasoning. We all have experienced this sensation in some form or another through one of the many psychic channels or gifts. Intuitive Development at Bene Mudra Los Angeles provides a safe space in which students learn how to transcend from the conscious into the subconscious/superconscious, connect to their psychic channel, trust their gut feelings and create a doorway into the unknown using different tools and modalities. They will practice and study divination and meditation, play games to strengthen their psychic muscles and figure out what their strongest psychic ability is; clairvoyance, clairaudiance, clairsentiance, etc. Our training is broken into 4 parts containing 5 hours of intuition training per level.

A Course In Intuition: 6 hour course; 1 day

Another Course In Intuition:hour course; 1 day 

Advanced Course In Intuition: 12 hour course; 1 weekend 

Master Course In Intuition: 24 hour course;  2 weekends 

My strongest psychic sense: I best relate as ...

I am:
Vivid Dreamer
Sense of sight
Visually oriented
You are Clairvoyant 
A Clairvoyant is someone who uses the psychic ability of the third eye, or 6th chakra to "see" energy in the form of colors, pictures, images, light and movement.This ability can be like watching a movie in your mind depicting future or past events.
I am:
Feeling everything
Sense energy
Sensitive to
Avoiding crowds
A healer
You are Clairsentient
Clear feeling! It is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of other or spaces without the use of the normal five senses (smell, vision, touch, hearing, and taste).You often can sense what someone is 
going though emotionally.
I am:
Notice sound
A great listener 
A singer
Sensitive to noise
Spend time in my head
Hear spirit
Learn by listening
Talking to myself 
You are Clairaudient
Clairaudience is a psychic ability that means you can receive intuitive information from your Higher Self, those in heaven, and members of your spiritual “team” (Spirit Guides, angels) via hearing.Often resembles your own voice talking back to you in your mind.
I am:
 Idea driven
A writer
A great thinker
Just know things
Great judge of character
Think it, it happens
Problem Solver
Learn by writing
A therapist 
You are Claircognizant
Claircognizance is the intuitive ability of clear knowing. Claircognizance is also called  divine knowing, or drop-in insight. Instant downloads of ideas that represent the truth of a situation, beyond a shadow of doubt, defying all reason.

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