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 Employee wellness matters

You have the opportunity to contribute to the health of your employees every day! Bene Mudra has the tools and talent to help you activate employee engagement and rejuvenate employees by creating a culture of well-being at the workplace. Our approach is fresh and modern with an emphasis on self-care, mindfulness and community.

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Employee Wellness Solutions

We offer a wide range of services from providing practitioners to liven up events, creating wellness days, planning parties as well as all the serious stuff! We are not your average wellness brand!Need a psychic? Yup! We have 20!



Mindfulness has proven to

lower depression, chronic pain

and anxiety.


Golden Chakra



Meditation has proven to

enhance mental capacity, 

relieve stress and balance




Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and sharpens focus and concentration.


Sound Bath

Sound Healing can transform physical health, balance emotions and focus the mind


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Disadvantages of not having wellness solutions.

6 Cringe-Worthy Corporate Wellness Statistics

1. 16% of employees have work situations that negatively impact their sleep on a regular basis.

2. 25% of employees frequently feel physically drained or exhausted after an average day's work.

3. 30% of employees frequently start their work days feeling tired or low on energy.

4. About 20-30% of employees feel frustrated, stressed, anxious, or annoyed daily or a few days a week.

5. 25% of employees frequently feel emotionally drained or exhausted after an average day's work.

6. Employees who interact with customers on an hourly or daily basis are more likely to frequently feel physically and emotionally drained after an average day's work. 

Disadvantages of not having a wellness program.