What is Healing?

The Power Of A Spiritually Empowered Life

With all of the challenges we are seeing in todays day and age have you noticed that people are beginning to seek something greater than what they can see or touch? You yourself might be looking beyond the 1% (our world) and into the 99% (everything else) for the help, support, growth and self-realization that you deserve. Spirituality is such a broad term and is personal to most. This is why we meet you exactly where you are within your soul journey. Just like a raptured bone needs to mend, so does the mind, spirit and emotion. Choosing to heal doesn't mean you are broken, it means you are human. Spirituality is the backbone of our mission to serve utilizing modern energy medicine, talk therapy, coaching , physical movement, intuition and cognitive re-imagining to do so. Healing can be intense, yet sometimes subtle, and though you may feel results right away, sometimes they show up after time. What you receive is often exactly what you need and it will provide the most insightful benefit to you.

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 Current Services Offered

The power to heal is already within, sometimes we need some help locating it


Energy Healing 

Reiki Healing with Spiritual Mentoring

 (Most Popular)

Relax to soothing music and let the reiki energy flow through your body. You can expect guided meditation, deep breathing, a full chakra balancing and whatever else is intuitively led to perform. The session will begin with 30 minutes (a taste) of guided messages and or spiritual life coaching/mentoring centered around your current needs. This option is all encompassing and geared towards deep spiritual healing, cognitive recharging  and emotional freedom. Aromatherapy and pressure point work also will be utilized.  LA & Hoboken/NYC

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a non-denominational healing method and is beneficial to anyone who wishes for a better life. Reiki relieves stress as well as any acute medical conditions. It also promotes healthy healing in cancer patients going through chemotherapy. It can aid in emotional stress, eating habits, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, spiritual motivation, infertility, prenatal health, boosting energy and balance, negative thinking repair, trauma repair, and over-all wellness. A reiki master uses source energy combined with light touch to open energetic channels, remove emotional blocks and transmute negative flow into positive life force energy.  LA & Hoboken/NYC

REIKI & spiritual Responce Therapy &

Restorative Spiritual Programming

Reiki is a trifecta of healing for the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies. After muscle testing the client for an oil blend that will relax and open them to receive the light work, they will relax on the table and melt into the music of soothing singing bowls. As Faith uses Reiki with her hands, a non-invasive technique from Japan,  she will also be communicating with the client’s High Self using Spiritual Response Therapy. SRT is a modality that clears limiting past or present-life programs, discordant energies and spiritual blocks. Together, these three practices result in resounding and lasting positive changes!Each session includes an individualized oil blend and Spiritual Response Therapy.  LA & Remote

Spiritual Response Therapy, a method that utilizes dowsing. Faith’s relationship to High Self continued to deepen into a trusted channel of information from Source. Faith is a certified crystal healer and aromatherapist, and she combines her ability to access the Akashic Records with her knowledge of the chakra system into a powerful healing experience. This work is perfect for those who have been on their spiritual journeys for some time and are seeking the next level of ascension. Restorative Spirit Programming is a beautiful way to identify the trauma your soul has experienced not only in this world but in others, to surrender that to Source, and to learn self-healing techniques to bring you into pure alignment! She has particular experience working with clients experiencing anxiety, unsolved health issues, IVF, insomnia, grief, eating disorders, and those in recovery from other addictions.

Transcendental Meditative Healing

This service energetically transforms your hyper emotional state, mental blocks and negative core belief systems through visualization and meditation. This session is a portion coaching and a portion deep somatic, spiritual and emotional release using both cognitive and metaphysical techniques and also serves as a guide on how to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your daily life. This session can be an add on to any coaching or mentoring session. LA/Hoboken/NYC & Remote

Theta Healing

Over the course of an hour you will be taught the Theta Healing meditation with a deep dive into your personal energetics. With intuition and discussion we will connect with Source Energy to reprogram your belief and energy systems to heal as well as generate frequencies for manifestation, authentic experiencing, and tool sets to connect  and reach your personal life goals. Practically speaking, we have worked with folks to clear resentment from past romantic relationships, early childhood, and family/genetic experiences. We look at the energetics behind your  emotions and behaviors as related to diet and exercise, career money, sleep, anxiety and so on. The goal is to initiate creative flow within the body, mind and spirit.  In a session you can expect an experience of your multidimensional energetic nature, new perspectives on what may be happening for you energetically, and an increase in flow and personal intuition.  LA


Hypnotherapy serves as a motivating guide that aids and seeks to inspire minds to achieve the best of their potential. Utilizing this empowerment through your growth and our nurturing hand, you will leave a session feeling more engaged with your truth, better prepared for your future and highly inspired to engage and activate your life’s purpose. How Does Hypnosis Work? Hypnotherapy combines cognitive talk therapy and hypnosis as an adjunct form of therapeutic catalyst for change. Every session consists of the collaboration of hypnotherapist and the client to access areas of the mind that formed from birth and work to gain mastery over behavior patterns, better cope with anxiety or pain and instigate relaxation. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination, therefore combatting limiting subconscious beliefs with the client’s conscious desires for change results in a therapeutic process of expansive outcome. While under hypnosis, one is experiencing a heightened and receptive state of mind where the client is aware and willing of all actions to an empowering future. LA, Remote

Breathwork Therapy

The magic of this practice is that if you do it often enough, if you do it continuously—if you do it in enough different situations and circumstances, in different moments and activities—your system takes it on as a strategy.

It takes it on as a habit—and that’s when the real magic happens! Once you re-pattern your mind-body system, when tension comes into you, the breath comes out of nowhere and washes that tension away. Or, if your bliss—your ecstasy—gets dented, the breath comes in and lifts you up! 

Breathwork is for anyone who seeks a healthy way to decompress.  It can serve anyone from a CEO of a Fortune 500 company to the professional athlete or those who have been practicing Yoga and meditation their whole lives.  It is for anyone who wishes to use breathing as a way to enhance their life naturally and safely.  Just one Breath session has proven to be a beautiful, powerful, and often life altering experience.


Intuitive Messages and Psychic Consultation


Acclaimed Intuitive, James Bene uses his natural intuitive skills in order to channel divine messages and psychic impressions. His abilities include clairvoyance, psychic hearing, deep knowing,  mediumship, energy reading, tarot and numerology. James is a a highly valued  and responsible intuitive with over 10 years experience! His sessions are informative, eye-opening yet healing. James has helped many people from celebrities to school teachers find the clarity, peace and reassurance they were looking for. James works in Los Angeles, New York and beyond. He teaches psychic development courses and is the owner of Bene Mudra.  LA/Hoboken/Remote

Bene-Soul Readings  

As a healer and gifted psychic, Lesa is able to intuitively connect with your energy through your voice. Her spiritual guides and angels create an open safe space to connect, thus allowing Lesa to see hidden layers that need to be uncovered. If you’re at a crossroads in your career, relationships, transitions or just looking for clarity, Soul Readings will provide you with concrete direction and answers so you can move forward instantly and  with confidence. Readings with Lesa are extremely intuitive, healing and transformational as she uses her natural born gifts to channel spirit into your soul!   LA/Remote



Therapeutic Tarot   

Our goal at Bene Mudra is for you to leave readings achieving peace of mind. We wish you to walk away understanding your place amongst the world. You are receiving guidance, but first and foremost, you are receiving healing. Finding the key to the next step in your journey is where tarot comes into play. Each sessions can be used for questions of curiosity, as in where a relationship headed or how someone else feels about you, but it will also be used to your advantage as a form of therapy. What do I need to focus on in order to achieve ___? How do I break my toxic attachments? This is where tarot really shines!  We  would love to help you improve your circumstances and reach your highest self through the art of Tarot. Each session opens with a cleansing meditation to ready the soul to receive.   LA/Remote

Past Life Reading & Regression

Through past-life regression, Dr. Brian Weiss says it's possible to heal—and grow—your mind, body and soul, as well as strengthen your present-day relationships. He says one of the most common signs of a past life is déjà vu—the sensation that you have met a person before or have visited someplace previously. Sometimes, this déjà vu feeling is a sign of a past life with a particular person or in a specific place. 


Delve into your past lives in order to unlock and let go of deep karmic ties, wounds and blockages that may be holding you back in this lifetime. A past life reading consists of a psychic channeling the possible past life experiences that will best serve you today where as a regression is a therapeutic treatment involving light hypnosis and relaxation techniques which guide you into experiencing 3 past life accounts.   LA/Hoboken

Astrology & Tarot Sessions

You may know your sun sign and read your horoscope every time and again, but it doesn’t feel personal enough to you. You’re at a crossroads in your relationship, your career, health and wellness or all of the above. Or maybe things are going swimmingly but you want an understanding of what’s next. 


  • An integrated Tarot and Astrology Reading on one or two topics of your choice and curated advice for your path ahead.  

  • Follow up email with detailed notes on your session, including curated prescriptive next steps. Remote/LA

Karmic Astrology & Soul Mission Session

We will look at any areas of your life where there is confusion, stagnancy and suffering and learn tools for solution and how to employ them. This includes Natal Chart astrology, current astrology, Qabalah, the Tarot and other modalities of ancient wisdom. We look at placements in the chart and beyond that outline your life purpose and Soul mission (it’s dramatic but true) We begin to practice Vision Work and get to the heart of the matter. Lauren will guide you into vitality, bliss and a life lead by your Soul. (1.5 hrs) 

Know Your Astrology Session 

Master astrologer Lauren D'Alvia dives deep into your natal chart to bring you full answers to all of your

astrological questions. Connect to your soul purpose and the meaning of life as guided by your planet positions. Who are you? Get to know your natal chart and what is really happening in the skies and how it affects your life. Use these tools for everything - yes, everything. Business, studies, all relationships, parenting and art. This will substantially deepen your knowledge well and arm you with a toolkit to support you all the time. (1 hr.) Remote/LA


We dive into the numerology of your life path and all the trimmings. We also go deep into the numerology of this year and next (both very clear messages for navigating these times). Learn codes to use these numbers in the real world and follow the magic. Numerology gives you the backbone to what is coming and how to utilize certain energetic realities.
45 mins.





spiritual Mentoring/Counseling 

This is a prime opportunity for you to begin to open up and release by discussing and receiving counseling on 

individual conflicts, traumas or hardships. Having a one on one session with an intuitive or spiritual healer can drastically improve negative thinking, old habits, emotionally instability, grief and more! Learn tools necessary in over-coming negative core beliefs, trauma, anxiety, fear and or depression.  James Bene has helped many people through transitional periods in their lives by guiding them to live a more spiritually centered and authentic life as he believes that every problem we humans face is a spiritual one.   LA/Hoboken/NYC/Remote

Personal Development Life Coaching  

  Coaching with Thomas helps you to connect with the core of what you are seeking so you can achieve your outward goals through inward alignment.  Based on the empirically supported evidence that your thoughts create your emotions, actions, and life experience, Thomas will guide you to safely explore your current perceptions about yourself for

accuracy and support you to view your world in a more accurate, balanced, and useful way. 


Through the use of focused action, affirmations, thought challenging, 

visualization, experimentation, and positive reinforcement, you will begin to not only achieve what it is you set out to have with lasting results, but discover a deeper and more loving you through the process as well.   LA/Remote

Soul Transformation Coaching  

This Is designed to help you break old patterns and rewire your subconscious mind to create an authentic connection with source, your relationships, and yourself. This session will help unleash your gifts and soul purpose through specific processes that were created and downloaded personally for your highest evolution and success. Coaching will allow you to find the highest level of spiritual, emotional, and healing support and will allow you to fully embody and connect to your true inner power.

In this session different techniques may be used to remove the blocks, traumas, and obstacles in the energy field or body including: Quantum Healing, Kwan Yin Reiki, Deeksha, Angel Therapy, and Divine Light Channeling.   LA/Remote


Personal and small group Guided Meditation packages

This series provides 3 or 5 private guided and healing meditations catered to your current life situations, aspirations and healing needs! If you have trouble meditating or simply wish to learn how in a safe and uplifting way, this is  for you! Our meditation style centers more on energy healing, mindfulness and guided imagery. 


A great add on to any Spiritual Life Coaching Package as a way to release stress, anxiety and worry! 

Sessions may be done over the phone, so relax and listen as you surrender yourself within the comforts of your own home with one of our amazing meditation coaches.


You will have a 30 minute phone consultation prior to discuss your meditation plan! Meditation sessions are meant to be completed once a week and are 45  minutes in length. You will also receive a half hour guided audio meditation made just for you and your needs to be used daily.   LA/Hoboken/Remote



Private or Group Yoga with Energy Healing  


Gabriella will guide you though an individualized yoga session that may include Vinyasa flow, Yin, Kundalini and or Restorative Yoga. This tailored yoga class will help you develop a better understanding of particular poses you may want to learn more about or poses that can specifically help you and your body. Develop a deeper understanding of breathing and meditation exercises. Individuals of all levels welcomed. All sessions include Reiki healing and aromatherapy during a deep 15 minute healing shavasana!   Hoboken/NYC


Private & Small Group Bene Yoga or Restorative

Kim is a highly versatile yoga teacher with a flare for correct alignment, challenging poses, inversions and fun! Her sessions will be designed to fit your personal yoga needs! We offer, pre-natal, restorative and vinyasa flow catered to beginners and advanced yogis! Kim is a long time fried of Bene Mudra and we are thrilled to have her on our team. All of our classes end with a 15 minute meditation utilizing aromatherapy and hands on healing. Flow, sweat, stretch, learn then let go to soothing music, a warm guided hand and a full soul connection. Restorative, Vinyasa, Flow 2 & prenatal offered.   Hoboken/NYC


Private & Small Group Yoga 

Our Yoga sessions are catered to the needs of the individual student. Leigh is verse in all levels of practice including yin and restorative.All sessions end in a 20 minute meditation with hands on healing and aromatherapy.   LA


Private , Small Group, Yin, Yoga NiDra Session 

Yin yoga works deep into the connective tissues to activate change at a soul core level. This session focuses on deep stretch and grounding. These floor poses are often held for 5 mins or longer, encouraging blissful meditative release. Yin is an amazing add on for anyone who hasn't active lifestyle and those looking to optimize their health both physically and mentally! 

You begin with 10 minutes of breath work establishes the connection between mind and body. This is followed by 35 minutes of yin yoga, a practice that targets the deepest tissues of the body - ligaments, joints, bones and deep fascia networks - through passive, longer-held postures, with he aid of props and hands-on adjustments. Calming essential oils and a 30 minute yoga nidra meditation rounds off the session to leave the body, mind and spirit feeling refreshed, invigorated and most importantly, connected and grounded.    LA


Bene-Fit Training 


Combining  physical movement with affirmative thought is scientifically proven to release emotional and traumatic stress at its core. We understand that the mind and body are uniquely connected; one can not perform at full potential without the other, so we have created a fitness model that not only will build physical strength, but will encourage the release of negative thought patterns  as well as helping release stale emotions, anxiety, depression, guilt, fear and the like. This fitness/coaching combo results in a complete return to self love, which should bethe foundation of any strong, sexy and toned physique. Get ready to push your body, expand your mind and move your soul towards a new, stronger and more abundant you...physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with our full, inclusive monthly training programs!


Bene Stretch 

This is a session based in Soulfit movements. Stretch to new levels of spiritual and physical heights! This combination stretch class will not only guide your muscles to elongate and align, but will help in the releasing of stored energetic and emotional blocks. 


Stretching is an imperative component to any physical routine. The more flexible you are with your body, the more flexible you become on a wholistic level. Life is all about being able to bend and flex within the twists and turns you often face. Learn to live in the flow of life instead of the rigidity and limiting confines of the un-solved mind.    





Description of Services

Corporate/Large Scale Events:

We offer most of our services for your corporate event needs! This may include corporate parties, retreats, large scale venues, live appearances and other. These rates vary depending on location, travel, lodging, etc. You will be responsible for the service rate plus all travel including a per diem for food.

Before booking and payment you must reach out to James Bene personally to go over specific details, quotes and to fill out a contract agreement.


Private Group readings/Parties


Our readers offer Intuitive services for events or private parties! Host at your home, small party or small business (wellness center, yoga center, etc) Group rates will vary depending on how many guests you intend read! Large groups over 15 will hold no guarantee of service. 

Before booking and payment you must reach out  personally to go over specific details, quotes and to fill out a contract agreement. 


la gente di bene mudra


James Bene

James Bene is an Intuitive Usui Reiki Master, psychic, spiritual coach and the owner of Bene Mudra Wellness. He is a popular bi-coastal gifted light worker who has worked with over one thousand clients over the years.  James not only has tapped into the deep well of his own intuition but he’s helped many to enhance the relationship with their own divine innate knowing. With over 11 years of experience studying, teaching, healing and mentoring in the realms of metaphysics, intuition and spirituality, James is now working on his first book and is continuing to expand  his company Bene Mudra Wellness in Los Angeles, the NYC area and online with an array of services, podcasts and events and more! He sees clients at his Downton LA location.

  I Offer:

  • Reiki Healing Therapy

  • Intuitive Reiki w/ Spiritual Mentoring

  • Intuitive/Psychic/Past Life Readings

  • Private/Group Meditation 

  • Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching

  • Group Readings/Corporate Events

  • James Bene Facebook
  • Instagram James Bene

Gabriella Carabasi is an intuitive Reiki master, 200 hr certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and energy expert. She is currently attending PCOM to obtain a masters in acupuncture.Her strong connection to the energy of the Universe and the energy of others makes her a supportive and compassionate healer as well as an effective teacher. She has mastered working with Prana to bring the energetics of her clients' physical body, mind, and soul into balance. She works to achieve balance with the yin and yang in her own life, and she is excited and passionate about sharing that with her clients. Gabriella completed her 200 hour Pavana Warrior Yoga Teacher Training at Pavana Yoga Studios and Reiki Master Certification through Bene Mudra Wellness. 

  I Offer:

  • Reiki Healing Therapy

  • Intuitive Reiki w/ Spiritual Mentoring

  • Private/Group Meditation 

  • Private/Group Yoga

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Kim's intention as a yoga teacher is to create an environment that is supportive, inclusive, nurturing and light-hearted.  Classes are influenced by her  studies with gifted teachers of vinyasa, Iyengar, restorative and prenatal yoga, as well as ancient yogic texts and their modern interpreters. She loves to draw inspiration from poets and philosophers, religions and cultures, anatomy courses, and anyone with helpful tools that might provide insight for navigating our complicated existence.  

Kim's classes incorporate alignment-based vinyasa, and also slow movements that allow for exploration and precision.  Students practice different breathing techniques and meditate and build courage by going upside down and build compassion when it doesn't always work out.  

I am forever mindful about how to share, apply, and articulate the ancient teachings in a way that is relevant, relatable and helpful to students.   

  I Offer:

  • Yoga Meditation/Yin/Restorative

  • Private/Group Yoga

  • Prenatal Yoga

  • Instagram

Lesa Ferguson

Metaphysics, Spirituality, and Astrology always felt at home to Lesa. As long as she can remember she could see, hear, and know things before they happened.  Being raised as a Buddhist and born to an eastern culture her path was set before her even though she didn’t understand what the mission would be in this life. As a mystic and seeker of consciousness, she began a journey of  self - traveling to sacred sites, studying with teachers and healers from all over the world (for the last 20 years) to understand herself and heal the old traumas.  From this space many doors opened and reactivated her healing gifts, psychic abilities, and memories of many lifetimes as a healer and teacher. Knowing her purpose and mission has allowed Lesa to continue to grow inward, so that she was  able to assist, guide, and transform life with love, compassion, and understanding for personal growth. ​As a result her clients  will instantly receive guidance, feel lighter, gain clarity, and have the confidence to move forward with peace and freedom. 

Lesa is trained in Quantum Healing, Kwan Yin Reiki, Deeksha, Angel Therapy, and Divine Light Channeling. Sessions are in person or remote!

  I Offer:

  • Reiki Therapy Sessions

  • Soul Readings

  • Transitional Soul Coaching

  • Instagram

Los Angeles


Thomas Dunleavy, ASW, CPC is a mindfulness based Certified Professional Coach, psychiatric social worker, public speaker, and workshop leader with over eight years’ professional service in the personal development field. Using a compassionate, person centered, and solution-oriented approach, Thomas brings a genuine excitement for maximized potential to his work, which draws from diverse spiritual teachings, Eastern philosophy, Positive Psychology, and the most contemporary evidence-based techniques.  


Thomas graduated with the highest honors from the University of Southern California (USC) where he earned his Master of Social Work with a concentration in Adult Mental Health and Wellness, in addition to receiving his coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Thomas has been awarded the prestigious Order of Arete for social contribution and leadership from USC, and is a proud member of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and the National Association of Social Workers. In addition to meditation and serving the Los Angeles homeless population, Thomas is passionate about cultivating empathy, kindness, and respect for the inherent worth and dignity of all.

  I Offer:

  • Life Coaching

  • Private Meditation 

  • Self Development 


Jacqueline Fardella is a model, writer and lightwkrker. A naive New Yorker currently living in Los Angeles, her mission is to inspire optimism and healing through empathy. At an early age she discovered her gift for writing, through which she realized her gifts as a clairvoyant. She channeled her gifts into the art of Tarot where she currently thrives. Her mission is to share her unique experiences and spiritual knowledge in order to help others heal and thrive. Asa former dancer she has learned how to flow within the movements of life. She has a deep infinity towards music and is an advocate for autism. We are thrilled to have Jaqueline with Bene Mudra!

  I Offer:

  • Therapeutic Tarot

  • Group/Corporate Tarot

  • Instagram

Faith Streng

Faith is a third generation past life healer and Reiki Master living in Los Angeles. At the age of five she began working with her mother to clear soul trauma using Spiritual Response Therapy, a method that utilizes dowsing. Faith’s relationship to High Self continued to deepen into a trusted channel of information from Source. She is a certified crystal healer and aromatherapist, and Faith combines her ability to access the Akashic Records with her knowledge of the chakra system into a powerful healing experience. This work is perfect for those who have been on their spiritual journeys for some time and are seeking the next level of ascension. Restorative Spirit Programming is a beautiful way to identify the trauma your soul has experienced not only in this world but in others, to surrender that to Source, and to learn self-healing techniques to bring you into pure alignment! She has particular experience working with clients experiencing anxiety, unsolved health issues, IVF, insomnia, grief, eating disorders, and those in recovery from other addictions.

  I Offer:

  • Reiki w/ Spiritual Responce Therapy

  • Past Life Reading

  • Restorative Spiritual Programming

  • Animal Reiki 

  • Instagram

Liliana Astiz

As a child growing up in the Native American Church, Liliana's family taught her from a young age how to hold sacred space and intention in communion with Creator. Through experiences with plant medicine, Liliana has developed a deep sensitivity and intuition in the realm of energetics.  This clear pathway has allowed her to transform her life from sickness to health and though extensive study, co-create potent energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual healings for all in need. Her sessions are safe, sacred, and healing with a playful lightness that is not afraid of the dark. Liliana views herself as an engineer that works to bring all beliefs, programs, and energetics up to date.. Lilians's  specialties include ancestral, genetic and relationship healing.. which will align all aspects so that your greatest potential may be achieved. Liliana is an herbalist as well as a seasoned certified Theta Healer. She is the modern day fairy, as her connection to the earth is her light force! She is also a singer/songwriter!

  I Offer:

  • Theta Healing

  • Special Occasion Rituals

  • Flower Essence Healing


Through my journey of training hundreds of clients, I started to see certain patterns emerge that went beyond the physical. I noticed the mental-emotional and physical connection that my clients were experiencing during training, so I got my master’s in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Family System & Relationships.

 I began to fuse the two worlds of fitness and psychology, falling deeper in love with the work and I realized I needed to share my knowledge, experience and education with the fitness community.

I am here to support people in creating  positive relationships with themselves through the vehicles of fitness, psychology, spirituality, nutrition & laughter. I wasn't the fittest, most athletic girl growing up, but I found a healthy way to create it, and you can to! Follow me and get your fitness and mindset levels to the place you have always dreamed they could be!

  I Offer:

  • Bene-Fit Personal Training

  • Bene-Stretch Sessions

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With a strong foundation grounded in yoga and various dance modalities, I approach fitness and training from the perspective of movement as meditation. I intuitively connect to the individual and the unique needs of the greater body, thus healing mind and spirit in a divine collaboration that we as human beings share when creating together. The connection between mind and body has always been my greatest curiosity, and through my studies and practice I have discovered their magnificent correlation, and find great passion in accompanying others on their journey to this life-altering realization. I currently teach yoga and fitness all over Los Angeles an am excited to get to know each of you!

  I Offer:

  • Bene-Fit Personal Training

  • Bene-Stretch Sessions

  • Private/Group Yoga

  • Yin Yoga Meditation 

  • Instagram


 After graduating from UVM Shaun relocated to Los Angeles where she was cradled in the arms of every yogic style under the sun.  After her 200 -hour teacher training she craved more knowledge of esoteric and authentic yogic methods and philosophies.   In 2019 Shaun graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Master of Arts in Yoga Studies. During the acquisition of her M.A. Shaun was exposed to a plethora of the yogic texts, practices and studies, including Sanskrit, Buddhism, Jainism and a two- month adventure in India.  Shaun’s studies have allowed her to create inclusive, authentic, and rich classes that use ancient and classical yogic texts to support the many practices offered.  Through imagination and breath, Shaun offers a well-rounded class to many populations, including the homeless and the incarcerated.  Drop into her class for a freeing, creative, and warm practice.

  I Offer:

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Bene Mudra Yoga

  • Private/Group Yoga

  • Yin + Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga Therapy

  • Instagram


An artist and native New Yorker, Lauren was always an ancient soul tapped into eternal wisdom ⇞ A poet and performer since birth, she spent her early years studying the cosmos and the human condition and making art and watching films. Seeing patterns and magic everywhere, it was during this time she uncovered and cultivated what she calls “the Golden Thread.” While it has multiple meanings in society, Lauren’s Golden Thread refers the plane that runs through everything - the Divine - or Universal Light (or anything you want to call it.) All things led Lauren to many mentors who guided her to study the cosmos at an even deeper level, thus making her the expert she now has become! She is happily settled in Santa Monica, CA

Image by Josh Rangel

  I Offer:

  • Personal Astrological Sessions

  • Full Natal Chart Readings

  • Lil Numerology Session

  • Karmic Astrology & soul Mission 

  • Instagram


The rewarding road to aiding others is a long-established tradition for Cheyenne, as she is an intuitive first. Cheyenne has found her calling within hypnotherapy as it provides opportunities for her to share the deeply impassioned training in the arts of mental alchemy. This is where she shines apart from others in her field as she works to train others to hold the reins to their personal desires; steering forward and beyond. Receiving her B.A. from the University of San Francisco and continuing her education for the healing arts at the Hypnosis Motivational Institute, she recieved her clincial certification in hypnotherapy. She continues to improve her abilities, allowing her to aid her clients in the most transformational ways.

Brown Eye Closeup

  I Offer:

  • Hyprnotherapeutic Sessions

  • Past Life Reggression

  • Instagram


Awaken an align your body, mind and spirit using the powerful healing that the breath has to offer! Breathwork guru, yoga teacher and spiritual psychologist, Mary Stockton, will guide you in this highly therapeutic session where you will restore balance, activate the body, release trauma and find deep healing. This work as been known to change lives!


  I Offer:

  • Breathwork Therapy Sessions  

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