What is Healing?

The Power Of A Spiritually Empowered Life

With all of the challenges we are seeing in todays day and age have you noticed that people are beginning to seek something greater than what they can see or touch? You yourself might be looking beyond the 1% (our world) and into the 99% (everything else) for the help, support, growth and self-realization that you deserve. Spirituality is such a broad term and is personal to most. This is why we meet you exactly where you are within your soul journey. Just like a raptured bone needs to mend, so does the mind, spirit and emotion. Choosing to heal doesn't mean you are broken, it means you are human. Spirituality is the backbone of our mission to serve utilizing modern energy medicine, talk therapy, coaching , physical movement, intuition and cognitive re-imagining to do so. Healing can be intense, yet sometimes subtle, and though you may feel results right away, sometimes they show up after time. What you receive is often exactly what you need and it will provide the most insightful benefit to you.

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Benefits of Healing
  • Helps manage stress and cope with stressful situations

  • Induces deep relaxation

  • Decreases anxiety

  • Reduces depression

  • Enhances creativity and problem-solving skills

  • Increases mental clarity

  • Increases intuition

  • Ignites spiritual evolution and personal growth

  • Balances energy

  • Enhances personal insight

  • Heals, balances, and clears chakras

  • Elevates life experiences

  • Supports development of personal essence/path/deepest intentions

  • Relieves/reduces physical pain

  • Changes relationship with (chronic) pain

  • Releases deep, chronic muscle tension

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Heals physical injuries more quickly

  • Brings a sense of peace, calmness, and overall emotional wellness

  • Heals and releases emotional wounds

  • Resolves/transforms relationships with problematic people or situations

  • Opens up blocked energy

  • Promotes a sense of grounding

 Current Services Offered

The power to heal is already within, sometimes we need some help locating it

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Energy Healing 

Reiki Healing with Spiritual Mentoring

 (Most Popular)

Relax to soothing music and let the reiki energy flow through your body. You can expect guided meditation, deep breathing, a full chakra balancing and whatever else is intuitively led to perform. The session will begin with 30 minutes (a taste) of guided messages and or spiritual life coaching/mentoring centered around your current needs. This option is all encompassing and geared towards deep spiritual healing, cognitive recharging  and emotional freedom. Aromatherapy and pressure point work also will be utilized.  LA & Hoboken/NYC

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a non-denominational healing method and is beneficial to anyone who wishes for a better life. Reiki relieves stress as well as any acute medical conditions. It also promotes healthy healing in cancer patients going through chemotherapy. It can aid in emotional stress, eating habits, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, spiritual motivation, infertility, prenatal health, boosting energy and balance, negative thinking repair, trauma repair, and over-all wellness. A reiki master uses source energy combined with light touch to open energetic channels, remove emotional blocks and transmute negative flow into positive life force energy.  LA & Hoboken/NYC

REIKI & spiritual Responce Therapy &

Restorative Spiritual Programming

Reiki is a trifecta of healing for the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies. After muscle testing the client for an oil blend that will relax and open them to receive the light work, they will relax on the table and melt into the music of soothing singing bowls. As Faith uses Reiki with her hands, a non-invasive technique from Japan,  she will also be communicating with the client’s High Self using Spiritual Response Therapy. SRT is a modality that clears limiting past or present-life programs, discordant energies and spiritual blocks. Together, these three practices result in resounding and lasting positive changes!Each session includes an individualized oil blend and Spiritual Response Therapy.  LA & Remote

Spiritual Response Therapy, a method that utilizes dowsing. Faith’s relationship to High Self continued to deepen into a trusted channel of information from Source. Faith is a certified crystal healer and aromatherapist, and she combines her ability to access the Akashic Records with her knowledge of the chakra system into a powerful healing experience. This work is perfect for those who have been on their spiritual journeys for some time and are seeking the next level of ascension. Restorative Spirit Programming is a beautiful way to identify the trauma your soul has experienced not only in this world but in others, to surrender that to Source, and to learn self-healing techniques to bring you into pure alignment! She has particular experience working with clients experiencing anxiety, unsolved health issues, IVF, insomnia, grief, eating disorders, and those in recovery from other addictions.

Transcendental Meditative Healing

This service energetically transforms your hyper emotional state, mental blocks and negative core belief systems through visualization and meditation. This session is a portion coaching and a portion deep somatic, spiritual and emotional release using both cognitive and metaphysical techniques and also serves as a guide on how to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your daily life. This session can be an add on to any coaching or mentoring session. LA/Hoboken/NYC & Remote

Theta Healing

Over the course of an hour you will be taught the Theta Healing meditation with a deep dive into your personal energetics. With intuition and discussion we will connect with Source Energy to reprogram your belief and energy systems to heal as well as generate frequencies for manifestation, authentic experiencing, and tool sets to connect  and reach your personal life goals. Practically speaking, we have worked with folks to clear resentment from past romantic relationships, early childhood, and family/genetic experiences. We look at the energetics behind your  emotions and behaviors as related to diet and exercise, career money, sleep, anxiety and so on. The goal is to initiate creative flow within the body, mind and spirit.  In a session you can expect an experience of your multidimensional energetic nature, new perspectives on what may be happening for you energetically, and an increase in flow and personal intuition.  LA


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