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Awakening The Goddess Course

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Welcome to Bene Mudra Online Programs, where we believe that true wellness comes from within. Are you feeling unbalanced or disconnected from your divine feminine? Look no further than our first program, Awakening The Goddess. This 6-lesson course is your key to unlocking your inner goddess. Each video is short and sweet, with a lesson and guided meditation to help you achieve balance and harmony in your life. And with space to journal after each lesson, you can reflect on your progress and continue to grow long after the course is over. But that's not all! You'll also receive a divine goddess activation and a fun project to complete, as well as exclusive access to our Goddess group. Connect with like-minded women and share your journey in a supportive and empowering community. With just 25 minutes a day, you can devote 6 days to yourself and your well-being. This program is perfect for busy women who want to prioritize self-care and reconnect with their divine feminine energy. Includes 6 video lessons with a short meditation hosted by James Bene James asks you to journal after every video to record your experience in meditation Kundalini Goddess Activation to be listened to daily Go at your own pace and videos may be downloaded for future use Best used with headphones The tasks asked of you are for your enjoyment and to inspire self-exploration Enjoy My Goddess!

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Awakening The Goddess Course

Awakening The Goddess Course

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