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Workshop for Spiritual Business Owners

It is time to spread your wings and fly


Four weeks to a more authentic and realized business!

We’re living through a time where change is the norm and the world is waking up to our collective consciousness. It seems that every month has served us a new challenge. Some are thriving, some are merely surviving and most are vacillating somewhere between the two. How are you poised to help in this transitionary time?


Whether you read cards/energy/charts/tea leaves/auras, have a desire to teach a spiritual wellness modality, create a wellness brand or simply add spiritual practices to your business, this class is designed to bring your unique gifts *online

Over the course of 4 weeks, the Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Bootcamp program will guide you through:

-Finding your core mission and the unique voice for your work
-Identifying your core customer and demographic for your business
-Pricing your service (one of the hardest things to learn!)

- Authentic Marketing/Social Media Strategy
-Setting up your business legally
...And more

 4 Week Bootcamp


Those who operate a business aimed at healing their customers or "spiritual entrepreneurs" must navigate a unique challenge: finding the balance between serving others and operating a successful business. The idea of making money from spiritual gifts can be a confusing concept at the least and at the most, it can even lead to self-worth issues. We'll aim to dispel this misconception and build your confidence at the outset of this process. 


Once you know you are fulfilling your soul's purpose, we'll start by answering questions like "Who are you? What do you offer? Who is it for? What do you hope your customer will achieve and why should they choose you?" 



Class 1: Finding Your Core 


1. Isolating your mission
2. Creating a balance between your personal spiritual practices and essential business practices
3. Uncovering your strengths and opportunities 

Class 2: Essential Elements Of Business

In this class, we will introduce the 7P’s of marketing which are adapted into the higher conscious mindset.

1. Understand your product and price from the inside and out

2. Market research. 

Class 3: Understanding Your Value

This class will focus on nailing your value in the market and establishing trust with your core customers.


  1. Identifying your core demo: target audience + creating copy for them

  2. Create trust between yourself and your customer

  3. Circles of networks, the importance of referrals, and creating a C-C business model

  4. Ethics of being a Spiritual Biz Owner


Class 4: Essentials Of Operating 

This class will establish the foundational logistics needed to operate your business. 

1. Website Suite of products on your platform (Squarespace, wix), banking
2. How to operate your business: Customer service, community building, interviewing and hiring, wellness, etc. 

4 90 minute online live classes

2 one on one private coaching sessions with James & Faith 


Cost: $550  A 1,500 value!


Enjoying Outdoor

book your free call to see if this course is right for you

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