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Workshop for Spiritual Business Owners

It is time to spread your wings and fly


4  weeks to a more authentic and realized business!

We’re living through a time where change is the norm and the world is waking up to our collective consciousness. It seems that every month has served us a new challenge. Some are thriving, some are merely surviving and most are vacillating somewhere between the two. I am very grateful to have started down the path of spiritual entrepreneurship pre-2020, so I was poised to help people through this transitionary year. But the world needs more of us! Whether you read cards/energy/charts/tea leaves/auras, have a desire to teach a spiritual wellness modality, or have a desire to create a new wellness avenue, this class is designed to bring your unique gifts *online.


Over the course of 4 weeks, the Spiritual Entrepreneurship Bootcamp program will guide you through:

  • Finding your “it factor” and the unique voice for your work

  • Identifying your core customer and demographic for your business

  • Pricing your service (one of the hardest things to learn!)

  • Setting up your business legally

  • ...And more

Level 1: 4 week bootcamp

Thursdays starting October 8th 4pm pt and 7pm et, zoom

with James Bene & Alex Caiola




Finding Your Inner Entrepreneur: CLASS 1

An authentic voice is super important in building a brand. Who are you? What do you offer? Who is it for? What do you hope your customer will achieve and why should they choose you? These simple questions are the first step in creating a successful business. Being a spiritual entrepreneur can be a challenge. The balance between building a brand and staying true to oneself is difficult to navigate. Sales pitches are uncomfortable for spiritualists. The need to serve others at times may outshine the want for a successful business. For some, the idea of making money from their gifts can be a troubling thought and lead to confusion and self-worth issues arising; the enemy of success!  Believing in yourself and what you have to offer the world will make sharing your gifts so much easier and enjoyable! In this first class you will gain real insights on:

  1. Who you are and what’s your mission?

2. Finding your authentic voice, inner truth and how to connect it to your brand

3. Creating a balance between your personal spiritual practices and essential business practices: sales pitch, brand awareness, etc

4. Uncovering your top 5 strengths (quick quiz) Importance of mindset

5. Creating a mission statement you are proud of sharing

6. Homework: Work on mission statement and who you are as a healer

Essential Elements Of Business: Class 2


1. In this class we will focus on the 7P’s of marketing which we tweaked to fit into the higher conscious

mindset. The 7P’s are: Product, Price, Place,  Promotion People(CRM),

Process, and Physical attributes of customers. 

2. Understand your product from the inside and out and create a “right wage” that

matches your value foundation. Learn how to market research for better results.

Class 3: Understand Basic Logistics:

  1. Forming your company

  2. Get yourself out there and begin operating using the 7P’s of marketing

  3. Creating copy: who are you talking to, core demo: target audience (naming your customer segments)

  4. Create trust between yourself and your customer

  5. Circles of networks and  the importance of referrals: creating a C-C business model

  6. Ethics of being a Spiritual Biz Owner (your responsible brand image, serving humanity)

  7. Homework is create an authentic copy for your website or promotional materials including a catchy bio utilizing the 7P’s

CLASS 4: Essentials

1. Website Suite of products on your platform (Squarespace, wix), banking

2. How to operate your business: Customer service, community building, interviewing

and hiring, wellness direction, podcast, blogging, etc


BONUS: 3 Week Social Media Class With Victoria Reitano, Marketing Guru

  1. Instagram

  2. Facebook

  3. Days/times to post, how often, etc.

  4. Personal vs biz and more!

Included In Experience: 

4 90 minute online live classes

1 one on one private coaching session with James & Alex

3 week free zoom class on authentic social media marketing with marketing guru, Vix Reitano


Cost: $500  A 1,500 value!


Paypal: Using the camera on your phone, point to the code below, follow link, pay the above amount and presto, you are signed up! 


For more info and to contact James and Alex please:

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